Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello everyone (:

Hey beauty lovers,
Well, this week marks the end of my first week at cosmetology school. I just wanted to say a few words about the things I learned, and what I enjoyed. My first day started out really great, all the ladies were very nice, and helpful in helping me figure stuff out, one of them even went as far as to take me outside during a break to meet some of the senior students. :) During the week we worked on hair coloring which was really fun ! :) I didn't know I could learn so much in a matter of a week! We then ended the week (today) with a field trip! Really exciting, we went to a women's business expo, and a few boutiques that were set up around the corner, I really enjoyed seeing so many different business ventures all owned by women! I even won a necklace in a raffle ! It wasn't really my style but I think my grandma will really like it so I'll give it to her :) Another amazing thing that happened this week is I got my kit! My gosh what an amazing kit it is, it really is everything I could ever need, I will definitely be doing reviews on all of the products . The great thing about my school is that Dermalogica is a partner, along with chi! Which excites me even more to be able to bring you great reviews from both lines, I've started a regiment with my Dermalogica kit, I'm gonna wait about a week to make a review. I'll give my review on my babyliss pro tools such as my flat iron, marcel iron (curling iron), and my blow dryer. I've only used the flat iron and blow dryer so far and it's great! Can't wait to give a review on it ! :)

Well, let me end my rant on my excitement from cosmetology school, and things . Haha I've been thinking about doing a giveaway around the holidays would any of you like that? What kind of things would you like to see in the giveaway? I was thinking of doing one of the following

  • OPI Nail Polish
  • Sexy Hair gift set
I could use some more suggestions, as you can see I'm not very good with thinking right now haha.

Look out for my reviews coming out later this week!

Have a great night ladies !


  1. Good luck with cosmetology school! It seems so fun :)

  2. just found your blog and am following, i love to see how new blogs blossom :)

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    xx good luck

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  4. welcome to the blogging world!! =)

  5. Good luck with your studies!! I would love to see an OPI nail polish giveaway..

  6. Good luck with cosmetology school :) I would go with the OPI for the giveaway. Who doesn't love OPI?

    I am a new follower. I am a fashion blogger and would love for you to check out my site and follow if you like :)

  7. your blog background is so cute! Welcome to blogging, i am also a new blogger! =)

  8. Thank you for following my blog! You're blog is freaking adorable. xoxo

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  10. You're blog is so cute! Your schooling sounds so fun so good luck with everything! Maybe take a picture of this kit your talking about, I want to see it!